qPCR instrument: LightCycler®480 II

qPCR instrument: LightCycler®480 II

The LightCycler 480 II instrument is used for performing rapid, accurate polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in combination with real-time, online detection enabling quantification of a target nucleic acid, as well as post-PCR analysis of the amplified nucleic acid by melting curve analysis.


The first model was released in September 2005 by Roche and was another breakthrough in real-time PCR analysis of gene expression and melting curve-based mutation analysis.

The system provides the ideal solution for fast and precise qualitative or quantitative detection of nucleic acids, genotyping, and mutation scanning.

Based on a comprehensive improvement of the Peltier-based technology incorporated in a silver block, the instrument provides extraordinary well-to-well temperature homogeneity and maximized inter-well, inter-cycle reproducibility.

All current probe formats are supported:

  • SYBR Green I;
  • ResoLight dye for high-resolution melting;
  • hydrolysis probes;
  • HybProbe probes;
  • SimpleProbe probes;

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qPCR instrument: LightCycler ® 480 qPCR instrument: LightCycler ® 480
Roche LightCycler® 480 System was relased  in november 2012 at American Society for Human Genetics...
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