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About | Real Time PCR


The authors of this site use real time PCR routinely in their laboratories. We decided to post our experiences from establishing real time PCR in our laboratories because we spent much time testing a wide variety of equipment, reaction mixes and consumerables and wanted to share the results with a wider audience, hoping that other researchers could save valuable time setting up the method in their laboratories. The authors of these pages are:

Ying C Lee, PhD Senior scientist at the Institute of Cellular Biology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Main field of interest: Intracellular signaling in insulin producing beta cells.

André Campos, MD Dept. of Surgery, Hillerød Hospital, Denmark.

Knud Josefsen, MD, PhD Senior scientist at pill viagra for the brain< the Bartholin Institute, Rigshospital; Copenhagen, Denmark. Main field of interest: Genetic regulation of the insulin secretion in pancreatic beta cells

Elias Debs, Webmaster and webdesigner Copenhagen School of Multimedia Design and Communication

If you would like to quote our methods, please use: Josefsen K, Lee YC. Validation of RNAi by real time PCR. Methods Mol Biol. 2011;703:205-17.